Thursday, 18 October 2007

Saskia's and Anastacia's Storyboard Ideas

Saskia and I have been exchanging ideas by email and working together to think up possible quick and simple animations for our characters. Lolas and PP's first Storyboard can be viewed on Saskias blogsite. Please click on the link (right side of blog page).

Saskias Storyboard: (to see visuals click on her link)
1. Lola walks slowly into the picture in front of the petrol pump
2. The Petrol Pump looks curious and follows her with his eyes
3. The Petrol Pump connects to her tail
4. Lola receives a Petrol boost, steam coming from her teeth (2 taps)
5. And Lola speeds away.

To follow on from Saskias idea here is my rough idea for a storyboard. What about if the Petrol Pump is on the screen initially on its own, just for a few seconds say 3. PP could just be whistling or humming, bit bored, or perhaps just making fed up sounds like sighing, breathing noises, tutting etc. Then Lola walks in front of him like Saskia suggested, walks past. PP then say 'WOW' (or something else) as he follows her with his clock head. He could then grab her tail and then she stops. She then gets her petrol boost etc and speeds away frightened.Then how about this:
1. After she is gone, he could look rejected, sad (sad mouth), sighs, and says 'nobody likes me' (want to keep lip sync to minimum)
2. Lola returns, perhaps she can walk in from the right hand side, or from the area she originally disappeared from the background walking towards the PP (but on right side). Or sneak in from right side.
3. She walks shyly up to PP, and she could say 'I like you PP' (optional not sure if Lola talks)
4. She then connects her trunk to PP's Pipe, they kiss (kiss sounds)
5. Some petrol could escape from his pipe.
5. PP's clock could madly rotate round, he smiles, and Lolas ears could rotate with steam coming out etc.
6. The steam could have heart shapes in, might be a bit corny
7. And they live happily ever after
What do you think, can change

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