Monday, 5 November 2007

Saskia's and Anastacias Final Animation...hurray

YIPPEE...HURRAY...FAB....BRILL...THANK GOD.....NEED SLEEP....Yes, we have finally done it, completed our animation. I think we have both done incredibly well, its amazing what you can do in such a short time. I have really enjoyed working with Saskia on this project and I think we work well together as a team. Our animation is certainly very unusual. I think the characters go well together and the background enhances it. If we had more time we could improve it, there is a lot going on in a short period of time, its certainly not boring to watch.

Finished the sound and recorded my own voice spluttering water with my video camera for Lola (better than a Walrus). Tweaked the sound a lot, would have liked more time to get right. Saskia animated Lola moving her head to the side which works really well. Credits look good as well.

Well done us. Saskia and I will meet tomorrow. All the Holland students are coming over for a few days to visit NSAD and the Aurora Festival, can't wait to meet everyone, will be strange after all those emails. Going to bed now।

almost finished sound and animation

We are almost there। Still got to finish sound, just recorded some more sounds for Lolas choking. Added Saskias credits at end and background, looking good. God can't believe this is nearly finished. There is a lot more we could have done but we have run out of time, considering we have more or less done this in a week and a half, not bad really.

Saturday, 3 November 2007

We have sound

Well, I started sound today, not finished yet, just an idea. Sent to Saskia to see what she thinks.

Some of these sounds are mine and some our from the Soundtrack pro software library. Added some looping music (might change) as it seems a bit bland. I also remember when I did my BBC animation I wished I had put some music on it.

Added sounds of forest/birds and crickets at night which I got from the software library. Recorded my own water sounds and used for water pool and Lola spraying water. Added sounds for tree (which is a monkey nut cracking). Also used tick tock sound to pp. Managed to get a walking sound for Lola running, just cut it up and timed it to make it sound like a run.

Not sure about choking sound for Lola, couldn't find the right sound and I don't have access to recording equipment...oh dear। Will try again tomorrow. Also need to add sounds for PP, I have already recorded lots of sounds for this, but probably won't get time to use properly and may get lost with all the other sounds.

Wish I had more time as I think sound is really important but I don't really have time to manipulate the sound.
Saskia has done our credits which looks great। She has animated our names out of petrol and water, please see her blogsite.

Friday, 2 November 2007

Exhibition: PP and Lola together

Exhibition: A3 Poster

Exhibition: A3 Poster

Exhibition: Poster A2

Exhibition: Image I have choosen for cardboard cutout

32 seconds and still not finished

God what a nightmare day I have had. I have spent more time animating the tree, water and petrol than PP my character. Its quite frustrating as we have had to rush everything and usually I spend a lot more time on animating. I think Saskia and I have done really well considering the problems we have had, I just wish we had more time.

Anyway quite pleased with the water, managed to get the petrol in it, change of colour and then PP sucks it back up. Also put a little green thingy which grows out of the trunk (Saskia suggested this a while ago). Decided not to totally get rid of tree trunk as I was spending so much time on it. Also thought it looked better.

Saskias elephant looks great, need to try and animate pp tomorrow and add sound।

First 24 seconds so far

This is animation so far. Not had much time to animate PP. Animated Tree which took some time, water pool and petrol. Changed lighting over characters and tree to match Saskias changing background.

Saskia has been sending her finished movies of Lola in sections with green background. I have keyed green out which has been quite quick to do and has worked really well.

Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Visual Storyboard

Visual Storyboard of our idea, bit late but better late than never। For our written storyboard see earlier in blog and also Saskias blogsite for her visual storyboard.

Tuesday, 30 October 2007

PP Image created for FDMX website

This is the image I choose to put on the FDMX website. I was asked by Jodie Wick, FDMX coordinator at NSAD to help organise an article from students and staff to be published on the FDMX site. I also took some photographs at the exhibition.

To see the article and other related matter including student comments about the project please go to the following site address.

Anastacias and Saskias first 10 seconds

At last we have what is starting to look like an animation. This is our first 10 seconds...YIPPEE.

Changed PP, decided to have him blow dust from his pump. Animated water in layers to cover pipe and trunk, to give appearance of depth. Animated tree roots and leaves. Animated petrol coming out of pump. Leaves stop once petrol enter water and will start to die, along with roots and tree. Petrol will build up.

Saskia sent me .mov file with green background. I keyed this out in AE to give transparent background and this seems to work really well. Saskias elephant looks really good entering the scene from the back and I think the water looks great.

Sunday, 28 October 2007

Starting to Animate PP, Tree and Water

Started to animate PP, not much further from earlier animatic. Adjusted Tree, darkened slightly and added roots. Started to animate leaves.

Spent some time trying to get water to work. Animated water using several layers and adjusting the colour on the bottom layer. This gives a more realistic appearance when the pump enters the water, as it is semi transparent. The same will apply to Lolas trunk. Original water image texture was created by Saskia.

Have experimented a lot in After Effects with compositing and layers to see what will work best. It is best to do as much as possible on separate layers. Exporting out .mov files. By saving files with Millions of Colours Plus you can get transparency, if this does not work we can use keying to knock out the background. These layers are vital for the animation to work especially when Lola and PP interact with the water.

Friday, 26 October 2007

Animatic Compositing Test

This is a animatic test for composition and size purposes. Also working out layers and transparency

Animatic Test of PP

This is a quick test of PP in new animation, changed location and size. Hopefully no-one will find this RUDE.

Visual: Tree with Roots

This is the tree with a hint of roots

Visual: Tree with Background and Characters

At last I have done the tree. This is without roots, with tree submerged in water. Have done two as Saskia and I are not sure which is best. Created this in Corel Painter using watercolour brushes. I sampled colours from Saskias background for the tree, to match the colours more. Background, sky, ground, water and sun has been created by Saskia. To view her visuals please see her blogsite.

Saskia's and Anastacia's Final Storyboard.....YIPPEE

At last, Saskia and I have a final storyboard, after many emails, must be a record. Very different from our last idea, but I think it will work really well, and is very visual. The timings will probably change this is more of a guide. To see visual storyboard please see Saskias blogsite.

1. Split screen, tree in centre separates two characters, one on each side. Moon/Sun/Stars animate in background. There is one watering hole, which the tree is growing out of. Roots are in water. Grass in foreground. Background sky changes from night to day etc and repeats. Sun rotates round accordingly. Watering hole constantly moving. The watering hole is clean on both sides. Start at o seconds

2. DAYTIME: PP already on screen moving. He is happy, making sounds, whistling/humming to himself. Knocks his pump on his head to make sure its working. Puts his pump petrol into water contaminating it, might giggle to himself. (5 seconds)

3. DAYTIME: Lola walks or runs onto screen and starts to drink from the pool and is playing with the water etc. on the other side. She is happy splashing in water spraying water on herself and swinging her trunk. (comes in on 5 seconds -10 seconds 5 SECONDS) PP can do less at this point, just sound.

4. NIght: Both sides are busy, time flies by (day becomes night etc). Lola falls asleep and PP carries on pumping contaminating the water. The tree starts to die (as at night can't be too dark or won't see), branches fall off. (10-13 seconds 3 SECONDS)

6. DAYTIME: Leaves start to fall on PPs side from dieing tree. The water has changed colour and is more contaminated. (13-16 seconds 3 SECONDS)

7.DAYTIME: Lola wakes up and continues to play and drink. PP carries on pumping. (13 -16 seconds 3 SECONDS)


8. NIght: Both sides are busy, time flies by (day becomes night etc). Lola falls asleep and PP carries on pumping contaminating the water even more. (16-18 seconds 2 SECONDS)

9. Night: The tree starts to die (as at night can't be too dark or won't see), branches fall off. (16-18 seconds 2 SECONDS)

10. DAYTIME: All the Leaves start to fall on both sides from dieing tree. The tree completely dies. The water has changed colour and is more contaminated, completely green from contamination or black. The Petrol has completely destroyed the tree. There is fumes coming from the watering hole. (18 seconds - 22 seconds 4 SECONDS)

11. DAYTIME: Lola is awake and has swallowed petrol from water and spits it out, choking sounds, the water is contaminated, as she makes these sounds PP notices her. (18 seconds - 22 seconds 4 SECONDS)

12. PP and Lola see each other as the tree falls. All of a sudden they are using the same pool, the petrol has destroyed the tree, which has died and disappeared (22 - 25 seconds 3 SECONDS)

13. Both characters both look surprised and shocked. (22-25 seconds 3 SECONDS)

14. PP feels ashamed at what he has done. he gasps, shakes his head and then slowly put his head down, sorry for what he has done. Lola, still coughing from contamination is sad, she shivers and chokes weakly. (25-28 seconds 3 SECONDS)

15. He pumps the petrol out of the pool leaving the water clean. (28-30 seconds 2 SECONDS)

16. Both characters are happy (28-30 seconds 2 SECONDS)

17. Lola sprays clean water into the air and a new little tree begins to grow. (28-30 seconds 2 SECONDS)

18. FADE OUT. (fade out on 30 seconds)

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Visual Idea for our new animation following on from Saskia's

Following on from Saskia's visual idea for our new animation idea (see her blogsite), where she has created background and split screen ideas। This is quick visual where we decided to create a tree to separate sides and use one water hole. Background will not look like this or tree, just for quick visual idea and proportions.

Saskia's and Anastacia's New Storyboard Idea

At last we have a new story and idea. Had crit yesterday at NSAD, disaster...everyone laughed at my animatic and thought the idea was TOO RUDE for viewers, PP's pump attaching to Lola's tail. Ah well, at least I entertained everyone. We certainly did not mean it to be rude. Anyway, Suzie, my tutor, came up with a good idea to think about environmental issues more and the liquids, water and petrol. Chris (student in our group) also thought of some good ideas about how PP could be taking petrol/oil from holes in ground...many thanks.

Anyway after many emails last night, and brainstorming, Saskia and I have now come up with an idea for our animation, which I think is much better and will work really well. Saskia is going to animate and create the background and liquid and I am going to animate the tree (had to have a tree in it, love trees) and do all the sounds for the much work and so little time.

The animation will be 1024x576 pixels @25fps. We thought the other size would be too small to accommodate our two characters.

Our first idea for new storyboard.
1. Split screen, tree in centre separates two characters, one on each side. Moon/Sun/Stars animate in background. There is one watering hole, which the tree is growing out of. Roots are in water.
2. PP already on screen moving, Lola walks onto screen and starts to drink from the pool and is playing with the water etc. on one side.
3. PP on the other side is messing the water up with his petrol, contaminating it, fumes coming up.
4. Both sides are busy, time flies by (day becomes night etc).
5. But then all of a sudden they are using the same pool, the petrol has destroyed the tree, which dies and disappears,
6. Both characters see each other, both look surprised and shocked.
7. Lola has swallowed petrol from water and spits it out, choking sounds, the water is contaminated.
8. PP feels ashamed at what he has done. he gasps, shakes his head and then slowly put his head down, sorry for what he has done.
9. He pumps the petrol out of the pool leaving the water.
10. Animation fades out....END

Monday, 22 October 2007

PP and Lola Animatic Test

This is an animatic test of the beginning of our storyboard so far.

Thursday, 18 October 2007

Saskia's and Anastacia's Storyboard Ideas

Saskia and I have been exchanging ideas by email and working together to think up possible quick and simple animations for our characters. Lolas and PP's first Storyboard can be viewed on Saskias blogsite. Please click on the link (right side of blog page).

Saskias Storyboard: (to see visuals click on her link)
1. Lola walks slowly into the picture in front of the petrol pump
2. The Petrol Pump looks curious and follows her with his eyes
3. The Petrol Pump connects to her tail
4. Lola receives a Petrol boost, steam coming from her teeth (2 taps)
5. And Lola speeds away.

To follow on from Saskias idea here is my rough idea for a storyboard. What about if the Petrol Pump is on the screen initially on its own, just for a few seconds say 3. PP could just be whistling or humming, bit bored, or perhaps just making fed up sounds like sighing, breathing noises, tutting etc. Then Lola walks in front of him like Saskia suggested, walks past. PP then say 'WOW' (or something else) as he follows her with his clock head. He could then grab her tail and then she stops. She then gets her petrol boost etc and speeds away frightened.Then how about this:
1. After she is gone, he could look rejected, sad (sad mouth), sighs, and says 'nobody likes me' (want to keep lip sync to minimum)
2. Lola returns, perhaps she can walk in from the right hand side, or from the area she originally disappeared from the background walking towards the PP (but on right side). Or sneak in from right side.
3. She walks shyly up to PP, and she could say 'I like you PP' (optional not sure if Lola talks)
4. She then connects her trunk to PP's Pipe, they kiss (kiss sounds)
5. Some petrol could escape from his pipe.
5. PP's clock could madly rotate round, he smiles, and Lolas ears could rotate with steam coming out etc.
6. The steam could have heart shapes in, might be a bit corny
7. And they live happily ever after
What do you think, can change

Idea: Firestarter

This is another visual idea for an animation. Comedy - PP keeps starting fires with his petrol and Lola has to put them out with her water.

Petrol Pump Initial Animation Test

Here is an animation test of my Petrol Pump character and how it might move. Certain parts on the pump will animate whilst others will remain fixed. I think the mouth could work quite well. I have used After Effects to animate and the original illustration has been created using Corel Painter.

Friday, 12 October 2007

Idea: Lola and Pump have a liquid fight

My Animation Ideas for: Lola and the Petrol Pump

Students from Norwich School of Art and Design and St Joost Academy In Holland are working on a joint project to create, design and animate 2 characters. On Thursday 11th October our different characters were teamed up together. I am working with Saskia in Holland who has created a great character, a sink Elephant. Saskia has already created a great visual idea where our two characters have come together for the first time. Their first meeting can be viewed at

Here are a few of my ideas. This one is where Lola and the Petrol Pump have a liquid fight.

Idea: Lola fights back

Idea: Lola and Pump in love

Maybe they fall in love. Lola a hot shiny and gleaming sink Elephant. She falls for the old Petrol Pump. He is rugged, rusty, old and strong.

Idea: Lola and Pump Connect

Lola and the Petrol Pump greet each other, perhaps have a conversation. My Holland partner is Saskia. This is Saskias Character of a sink Elephant.

Thursday, 11 October 2007

Petrol Pump Character Sheet

Printed this character sheet out and wrote down how the different parts of the pump could animate.

Petrol Pumps Animation Idea

Petrol Pumps Animation Idea

Decided to concentrate and develop one pump as a character idea for an animation. Added Petrol and animated certain parts of the pump. Also added my creature from the squashed car, they could live in the pump.

Petrol Pumps Illustration

Really pleased with this Illustration of the Petrol Pumps. Used Corel Painter to create this quite rough textured idea of the pumps. Thought these would make great characters, possibly in a comedy situation.

Petrol Pumps Quick Visualisation Sketch

Sketched using Corel Painter

Petrol Pumps Photo Closeup

Petrol Pumps Photo

Love this photograph of two old petrol Pumps. Fantastic and old, rusty and worn. Thought these would make good characters. Something unusual and different. Can imagine them having a conversation.

Creature Character

Created this character from looking at the squashed car photo. This creature could live in the remains of this car. Tried to use similar colours and made him look mechanical. Sketched in Corel Painter.

Squashed Car Photograph

Like this Photo I took of a squashed car, interesting textures and colour

Sketch Character of Hare

Digitally sketched using Corel Painter

Goose Walk Test Animation

Background is moving too fast in relation to walk but meant as quick test

Goose Walk Final Test

Scanned in some textured paper which I got from Egypt. Drew a rough sketch on top in After Effects.

Goose Background Test

Goose Walk Colour

Animated Goose Walk Sketch

Test Walk, 2nd attempt

Farmer and Goose Sketches

We were asked to draw a character of a farmer and his goose by Phil Warner