Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Saskia's and Anastacia's New Storyboard Idea

At last we have a new story and idea. Had crit yesterday at NSAD, disaster...everyone laughed at my animatic and thought the idea was TOO RUDE for viewers, PP's pump attaching to Lola's tail. Ah well, at least I entertained everyone. We certainly did not mean it to be rude. Anyway, Suzie, my tutor, came up with a good idea to think about environmental issues more and the liquids, water and petrol. Chris (student in our group) also thought of some good ideas about how PP could be taking petrol/oil from holes in ground...many thanks.

Anyway after many emails last night, and brainstorming, Saskia and I have now come up with an idea for our animation, which I think is much better and will work really well. Saskia is going to animate and create the background and liquid and I am going to animate the tree (had to have a tree in it, love trees) and do all the sounds for the much work and so little time.

The animation will be 1024x576 pixels @25fps. We thought the other size would be too small to accommodate our two characters.

Our first idea for new storyboard.
1. Split screen, tree in centre separates two characters, one on each side. Moon/Sun/Stars animate in background. There is one watering hole, which the tree is growing out of. Roots are in water.
2. PP already on screen moving, Lola walks onto screen and starts to drink from the pool and is playing with the water etc. on one side.
3. PP on the other side is messing the water up with his petrol, contaminating it, fumes coming up.
4. Both sides are busy, time flies by (day becomes night etc).
5. But then all of a sudden they are using the same pool, the petrol has destroyed the tree, which dies and disappears,
6. Both characters see each other, both look surprised and shocked.
7. Lola has swallowed petrol from water and spits it out, choking sounds, the water is contaminated.
8. PP feels ashamed at what he has done. he gasps, shakes his head and then slowly put his head down, sorry for what he has done.
9. He pumps the petrol out of the pool leaving the water.
10. Animation fades out....END

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