Monday, 5 November 2007

Saskia's and Anastacias Final Animation...hurray

YIPPEE...HURRAY...FAB....BRILL...THANK GOD.....NEED SLEEP....Yes, we have finally done it, completed our animation. I think we have both done incredibly well, its amazing what you can do in such a short time. I have really enjoyed working with Saskia on this project and I think we work well together as a team. Our animation is certainly very unusual. I think the characters go well together and the background enhances it. If we had more time we could improve it, there is a lot going on in a short period of time, its certainly not boring to watch.

Finished the sound and recorded my own voice spluttering water with my video camera for Lola (better than a Walrus). Tweaked the sound a lot, would have liked more time to get right. Saskia animated Lola moving her head to the side which works really well. Credits look good as well.

Well done us. Saskia and I will meet tomorrow. All the Holland students are coming over for a few days to visit NSAD and the Aurora Festival, can't wait to meet everyone, will be strange after all those emails. Going to bed now।

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