Saturday, 3 November 2007

We have sound

Well, I started sound today, not finished yet, just an idea. Sent to Saskia to see what she thinks.

Some of these sounds are mine and some our from the Soundtrack pro software library. Added some looping music (might change) as it seems a bit bland. I also remember when I did my BBC animation I wished I had put some music on it.

Added sounds of forest/birds and crickets at night which I got from the software library. Recorded my own water sounds and used for water pool and Lola spraying water. Added sounds for tree (which is a monkey nut cracking). Also used tick tock sound to pp. Managed to get a walking sound for Lola running, just cut it up and timed it to make it sound like a run.

Not sure about choking sound for Lola, couldn't find the right sound and I don't have access to recording equipment...oh dear। Will try again tomorrow. Also need to add sounds for PP, I have already recorded lots of sounds for this, but probably won't get time to use properly and may get lost with all the other sounds.

Wish I had more time as I think sound is really important but I don't really have time to manipulate the sound.
Saskia has done our credits which looks great। She has animated our names out of petrol and water, please see her blogsite.

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